Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yestreday Friday to produce mart in Howell and then dinner with Mary Ann at Maple Grove. She had gained a little weight and seemed upbeat. We sat in on a talk given by Hope which was very good. Watched the Tigers while it poured like 4 inches overnight with not too many storms. Humid might and i didn't sleep well and then up early to air up Mary Ann's tire and put some gas so Moni could take the Bull to work at 9. I took Dakota and ladders to Robinson to clean gutters. Never saw so much biomass in an eaves trough. Makeshift extendo from ACO so my fatass wouldn't have to go on the awning as the roof was too steep to attempt from that side. Got it done and bought some Nattys for the afternoon.
the rain gouges a trough down the driveway and it looks like also through the beach - i will explore in a minute here...Muggy and sunny now, birds are singing and the new citronella Off candle is awwaulting my olfactory senses. Small rain lake in the lawn but large lakes in the neighbours lawns. Huge system coming up from Texas...gonna pull some weeds out of the lake.

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