Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My blood sugar was 133, lowest it's been in the morning since like forever. Thank You, LORD!
Slept in yestreday. Went through bills and other stuff yestreday. Sweetie has bills from U-M emergency she's going to dispute. $160 recertification fee and a couple of co=pays; irs due end of the month as well as insurance. It is raining. Toots worked 4-8 and I ran out of cigarettes at 5:30 so I found a choke chain for Sierra and we took a hike. Hopped on the trail west off Kress and had to cut through backyards to get to M-36. Si was draggin' at the end (but not me!!) which means she needs more of those!
Toots brought me beer and marlboro 100s but the Tigers didn't care. JV only went 4 innings after like 8 super starts in a row. Pitching had been carrying us but now we're losing 9-2, shitty no hitting...WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?
Eggs, sausage, and taters this morning! :-) Love you toots.

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