Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yestreday Wednesday got up early and made us a great meal. Did my puzzles and toots was ready for a ride so we went to Lansing to look for a grill cover. Lowes and Menards didn't have one so we finally found one as well as a truck wash and gas for 2.64 a gallon. Leisurely trip home via Grand River and we were in love.
Moni got up before me to-day (Tigs lost in St Louis 4-3) and got me a Mews so I tried the ? Sudoku. Yes - conquered it. Pulled staples from windows and screen door and cut grass by house. Started lawn but cable unhooked from front tires and now i actually have to push the damn thing...i'll do it tomorrow. Toots went to her mom and dads and I raked some weeds out of the water... tons this year it seems. Beautiful evening tonight. I'm reading Bryson again and laughing often. Tigers at 8 and I'm thinking about hot dogs on the grill. My wife is still mysterious and i htink i need to embrace that fact...otherwise I'm too frustrated. I love her, though, more than i love doing Sudoku and eating pizza. Doing some laundry and playing piano....

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