Monday, June 22, 2009


After two solid weeks. Yestreday Sunday toots worked early and I went to see Mary Ann for a quick visit. Then to mom and dads after walmart for lemonade and the Johhn Cash card. We hung out on the deck under the new pergola. Had some fish and talked perennials then to the lake to enjoy Fathers Day with pizza from bean beggues?>???? and Carolyn. Tigers finished the Brewerw sweep. It was muggy. Watched some of Stripes, Ghost Busters, then Ghost Busters II with the original Raimis, Murray, and Akroyd. Talked to brother G a bit - he had all three kids over and was loving it!
The lake water continued to rise yestreday after the heavy rains Friday night. dock is floating.
To-day begins the third week of break and the first day of summer.
Blessed be God forever!

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