Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter Saturday

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Is it better to do great works, or small sacrifices?  It's easy to conclude that some great work for God is far better than any small sacrifice.  But is it?  That all depends upon the Will of God.  Sometimes we take on some "great work" for God but, in the end, it's not part of His plan.  A work is great only when it is done because God inspired it and remains the one leading it.  Conversely, if God inspires a very small sacrifice on your part and you accept it and live it, then you can be assured that this small sacrifice will do more good for the salvation of souls than any other sacrifice you could ever dream up on your own.  In fact, trying to force the Will of God to conform to your own will, inevitably, does more damage for the Kingdom of God than good, even if your idea seems holy.
What is it that God is inspiring you to do?  How are you called to serve His holy Will?  Look for His inspiration in the smallest of things.  It may be a kind word spoken to another, or a small hidden sacrifice that only you are aware of.  And if He is calling you to do something "great" that others will notice, do not be afraid of this, but do not be overly proud of it either.  Do all things, great or small, in accord with the Will of God and you will find that all things you do are truly great!

Thank You, Lord, for speaking so clearly to me this morning.
Thank You for the Downy, the Robin, the Sparrow, the Crow, the Red-wing Blackbird, the Starling, the Dove, the Norther Flicker, the Red-headed Woodpecker, and the Cardinal. 
May Your precious Body and Blood strengthen and nourish us; may we be entirely sold out for You, and Your people, my neighbors.
Help me remember that a small sacrifice is good even if no one notices - and forgive me for wanting to be so noticed...
Help me to move beyond the excuses that have come so easily for most of my life - may Your Name be praised always!

Blessed be God forever! 

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