Saturday, March 19, 2016


Father ~

Into Your hands we commit this day, all our interactions and actions and opportunities for love and forgiveness. Thank you for life - our life on this earth and our life in Christ. 
We pray for many this day: for Francis and all the priests and bishops, and your Church all over the world.
for every child, every mother, and every father
for every person who does not yet know You
for those of us who do know You and are struggling to live out Your will
for the widows and orphans and homeless and naked
for those in prison. the hungry, the thirsty, the grieving, the lost, the bullies and the bullied
for Stan and Rita
for Stan and Charlotte and Kathy and Justin and Dana and Aaron and Joey and his wife
for Stosh, Stacie, Carter, Ryan and Em
for Dean and Mary Ann, Court, Rusty, Drew, Mason, Meggie, Jake, Quinn, Camryn, Kacie E and Brett M,
for Moni and Bob and Jon and Jay and Jen and Joslin and Liam
for Pam and Ken and Kenny and Kendall
for Carolyn and Doug and his family
for TD and Jean and Tye and Sophia and Trent
for KP and Justen, Tori, Kaylie, Kristine, Mike, and his mom
for Mom and Dad and Nancy and Ruben, Bennie, Belle, Ray, Ric, Alex, Carlos, Cheyenne, Gary, Suzie, Joshie, Taylor, Jeremy
for all our aunts and uncles and cousins and their kids and families and our relatives who have passed over
for Ron and Gina and Maria and Nina and Cas and Sophie, for Ron's mom and dad and stepmom and sister and her family
for Troy, and Julie and Cathy and Fishman and Dilday and James, and Gil and Steve and Ryan and Yvonne and their families
for Marilyn and Bryan and Natalie and Jeff
for Tommy, Shelly, Vic, AJ, Peggy, Ninny, John and Betsie, Little John and Sylvia
for Roger, Sheri, Benjamin
for Kevin and his mom and dad and brother and his family, and Hilda

for Marty and Denada and their kids
for Tony and Doreen, Liam and Aiden
for Adam, Peggy and their kids
for Paul and his mom and dad and brother
for wrecker Don and Jim S and Mike B and Kurt and Pastor Bob
for Father Karl and the St Patrick parish, for Tom and the men's group
for our Tigers and Wings and Spartans in every sport
for peace for the restless
for wisdom for those who ask
for direction for the lost
that all would know and lust after Your truth -

Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

I praise You almighty God, for You are worthy of praise!


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