Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Cold, cold, cold, and windy cold. Another couple of inches overnight but mostly sunny to-day. I like having Moni home during the day - she makes me a lunch to take to work and has dinner ready when I get home. She's sweet like that.

The Grape is running again thanks to Scott and his sexy computer he hooks up under the dash. I have no idea what he does with that device but I am thankful. The computer here at O-O-O-O'reiley's said all the electrical components 'Passed', so I'm hoping we're good for another hundred thousand miles.

Is it spring yet?

The Tigers have acquired a middle relief guy from the Yankees, a closer from the Brewers, and a starter from the Nationals.

Alabama beat Clemson 45-40 last night in the Big Game, meaning there is no college football for about six months.

Michigan plays the Terps at home tonight and Sparty hosts Iowa on Thursday. We lost to Iowa before the new year bad - that was our only loss.

I talked to old Detroit buddy Tony for a while to-day. Nice guy, Tony. Lives not far from here.

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