Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Honor Our Veterans To-day

The absolute boringist day at work I've ever experienced. (Possibly second to the Fourth of July at Little Caesars in Detroit when I was 16. NO-body ordered pizza, so myself and some other unfortunate soul folded boxes for ten hours. We had them stacked to the ceiling and covering every available square foot of floor space.)

Only one of our Investors is working on the Veterans Day, so nothing was going on with all but one of our loans.

Mahjong Titans - loss
Chess Titans Level 9 (with help from - win
Hearts  - one win one loss
Spider - win
Solitaire - loss
Freecell - did not get to, as my lunch hour expired during the second Hearts

I did get our outdoor planters cleaned up and looking good for the late fall. The Dusty Miller and red Begonias are still doing alright, surrounding our tall wispy grasses of a variety I cannot remember.

God is good.
All the time.

Blessed be God forever.

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