Friday, November 6, 2015


Listening to Pandora Christmas Carols Radio this morning, praying with the USCCB that God would strengthen those folks who suffer discrimination because of their faith.

A line of storms came through this morning that shook the house. The kitchen window was only open a couple inches but the blinds were soaked, and the poor refrigerator magnets could not hold fast the photos of the kids and grandkids. Thanking God this morning for His protection once again.

Time capsule notes, for when I look back in ten years and smile...

Survivor Second Chance has not disappointed so far this season. I especially look forward to the challenges, but with 13 of the 20 original islanders still competing and the tribes merged into one, we are probably likely destined for the bulk of two segments showing the schemes and lies of the wiley, one segment showing the actual immunity challenge, and then of course the vote at tribal council. The two folks I'm rooting for - Kelly Ann Wiglesworth (@KellyWigles), runner up on the first ever Survivor season, and Joe Anglim (@JAnglim21), from last years most recent season. Both are nice people who don't get shown involved in alot of DRAMA.

The Lions' owner Martha Ford fired a couple of assistant coaches last week and then both the president and GM of the team yestreday. Note to Martha: it won't make a difference. 1-7 is not going to turn into 7-1 until the entire Culture of Losing is absconded and replaced.

Canon in D by Music That Will Make You Cry on the Sad Violin album almost did.

Sad Violin album cover

Time to work a little...

I picked up Moni at the airport after work on Monday after a smooth flight but boy howdy was the arrival drive-up crowded!?! She shared many stories on the way home; thank You, Father, for allowing this visit, and thank You for blessing it so greatly!

Tomorrow morning grocery shopping; then some pre-winter things around the home. Then the fun begins with Rutgers @ Michigan at 3:30 and then MSU @ Nebraska at 7:30; and tons of top twenty-five matchups all day!

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