Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thumpin Thursday

My beautiful bride is flying out west tomorrow early am to see the grand-babies and I will be holding down the proverbial fort. The grass is already cut, so I will be bored.

Joslin Mia and Liam Jason get to visit with Gramma Moni all weekend!

Not really. I will have the vegetables, herbs and annuals to water and tend to, and the hummingbirds to talk to.

The fantasy baseball week goes from Monday through Sunday, so I usually spend a good bit of time on the weekend shoring up my team for the next week. Injuries, player trends, suspensions, hunches (I do alot of that), and MLB Network's Quickpitch help me make informed decisions.

Despite my regular bitch sessions, I do enjoy many aspects of my current job as a mortgage loan processor on the second floor of an office above Coney Joes in beautiful downtown Brighton Michigan. First and foremost, I have been able to get my Spider Solitaire win percentage in two suits up to 90% through persistence and tenacity. Secondly, I enjoy meeting nice people and having brief, mostly meaningless conversations, all under the guise of trying to obtain necessary documents/information/etc. Thirdly, the smells from Coney Joes below us are overwhelmingly endearing.

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