Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sacred Saturday

The smells of this time of year in south-east lower Michigan are distinct; I am again reminded of renewed life, growth, and hope.

The hummers end their long journey north and visit our feeder with peeps of joy and satisfaction.

The perennials begin pushing out of the ground, the bees surround the small dappled willow leaves, the buds are large on the plum tree – and small on the lilac.

And even in this time of brightening colors and sounds, I am sad and worried…

When families are being torn apart, I know God weeps with us.

When the rent is three weeks past due and the car needs huge parts and repairs, I know God will guide us and lead us through this. He will provide!

When we owe so much to so many people and there does not seem to be a way ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … … … I know we are not alone, I know the situation is not hopeless.

In the midst of troubles, God is our ever-present Help.  

Thank You, Father, for being our Sustainer, our Provider, our First and Last. I praise Your Name on this beautiful morning.

Forgive my distress. Forgive my lack of faith – Father, increase my faith!

I pray for those who have it far worse than us this morning…and let me never forget Christ’s sufferings and death.

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