Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Dear Lord,

I come to you this afternoon with a heavy heart; and so I commit to you the following people and situations. YOU know all and can change what You will, but please be glorified through each and every situation.

For my mom and dad and the new excitement in their lives
For my sister and her kids and the new rift in their lives
For my beautiful wife and all she desires for her siblings and parents
For the good folks in the Baltimore area and the thugs burning and hurting and taking
For the Christians in Libya and Ethiopia, and wherever they are in danger
For all children everywhere, I pray for protection
For Francis and all the priests and bishops
For Tiger Kirk Gibson, as he struggles with this new disease
For the people who drive on the roads of our fair State, that they would not be so angry
For my boss and his family
For all the people involved in the mortgage loans I am working on
For all those who don't yet know You
For those who know You and who have chosen to reject Your love

LORD, in Your mercy
                    Hear our prayer.

Amen and amen

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