Monday, April 20, 2015

... Monday ...

Emotions running all over, coffee may help, tired, scared, wounded, worried, joyful, angry, loving, loathing, contrition, praise His Name!, hating evil, confused, sad, remorseful, strength from above, rise up, Golden Rule, glory to God, He is King of kings!, needing forgiveness, envious, hesitant to forgive, yearning for intimacy, anticipation, food cannot continue to replace the Comforter, good deeds?, good movies, good bourbon, good Tiger wins, ugly Tiger wins, un-husbanded garden, un-husbanded wife, vehicle troubles, late bills, Monday Monday, all about that bass no trouble, nice people on the phone, that daily damnable slam downstairs, peace?, forgiveness!, love...



Love conquers all!!


This day, I choose to love; praise God!


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