Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lent Day 12


Signs of hope

Reminders of hope

Instances that bring me back to hope in You...
what I may have read, what I may have heard, what I may have experienced

In the midst of circumstances that I know I cannot bear alone...

You remind me.

You re-tell the story of Creation - Who was it that did that?!?

You re-tell the plethora of tales in which I dug my self a hole and You let down a ladder.

You bring to mind, again and again, the sweet-ness of Your mercy,

the great-ness of Your grace.

... ... ...

Forgive me when I lack trust, and lose hope.
Forgive me my discouragement.

And thank You for the promises we cling to, the hope we share.

Blessed be God forever!  

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