Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Splendour and Majesty

I praise our LORD for the beauty of His creation regularly.
Mornings are particularly meaningful to me: the quiet of the day before its busy-ness  steamrolls me into a self-imposed stern and task-oriented focus.  Driving east out of our neighbourhood approaching US-23, I am near a large lake to the east, and can see the horizon almost all the way to the north and south. Each day is a new landscape exposed there. Each day a different blend of colors and temperatures creates a new greeting from God.
 Why only yestreday, the entire eastern sky was pink, before turning orange and yellow as the sun peeped up over the lake. There was enough haze in our atmosphere to allow me to see the red-orange ball of the sun without any glare; a huge, shadow-casting disc, then half circle, then waxing, ... then I began my drive north and the trees (as well as the distraction of being trying to navigate a vehicle moving at 75 mph in morning traffic) prevented my watching any more. Oh how beautiful!! Oh what a wonderful God we serve! Oh His glorious creativity!! He put that sun there! He created the conditions which resulted in me seeing that sunrise yestreday, and the brighter, more fantastic yellow one to-day. He allows me to see all the trees and meadows and farmlands and golf course and water every day on my way to Brighton. He gives me that each day!

Thank you Lord, for Your infinite Gift, and for Your daily gifts. 
I praise You for Your goodness.
I praise You for Your creation.
I thank you for Your presence and care.
Help me to grow in Your love to-day, and help me to bring Your good news to others.

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