Thursday, December 11, 2014

Humanity Was My Bus-i-ness

Oh so busy this past several days... **thinking back**

Our PT Cruiser started leaking brake fluid badly so urgent phone calls all over the county on Saturday to see who was open. Ended up getting a diagnosis from a tire company which happened to be open on Saturday but they closed at 3:00 and couldn't finish the job until Monday. So we got a quote and said thank you very much and dropped it off at the garage down the road, who couldn't work on it until Monday, but they were going to do the work for a much better price. So I made some turkey soup (recipe to follow) and hung out with a nice fire blazing in our living room fireplace.
My sweetie wanted to get back down to her mom and dads because both are dealing with health issues and she likes to help out when she can. Her current boss is very understanding so that wasn't a problem - the issue was then her getting a ride downriver. She asked me so nicely I couldn't resist!

We left about noon and got there without a hitch. I unloaded her and proceeded north to visit my parents for a quick visit, not knowing if they'd be home or not cuz I like suprises. Grabbed a pizza from nearby and stopped in Westland but alas mom and dad were out doing various social events. So I had to drive all the way home with that pizza smelling so good (and, as I soon found out, tasting so good) in the Taurus next to me. I also got to listen to the Lions on the way home - that (the Lions winning) made the trip seem so short.

So I was alone again (Sierra the Wise Malamute and Otis the Quat don't really count. They do not talk as much as Monica, although they eat much more, but still not as much as I do.) with my guitar to play and nothing in the fridge but pizza pieces that survived the trip home (Moni took the turkey soup to mom and dad's.) I got the garbage out and did all the laundry and dishes and stuff and read my Narnia books.

We've been working on very difficult loans at work and I think the stress causes me to over eat. I don't know. I bought a loaf of bread Monday night and some lunchmeat and had six sandwiches for dinner with a little Red Stag. I worked on my songs that I've been practicing and read a bit more.

I picked up a free tv by the side of the road and hooked up the VCR but the cable would not work. Turns out I need an adapter of some sort that I can pick up at my local cable office.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and now it's Thursday and I'll need gas on the way home and probably another loaf of bread. I'll finish The Last Battle tonight before I close my eyes.

It got down to 17 degrees F when I woke up at about 3:00 am to let the dog out. I fed her breakfast, then thought I needed one also so I made a turkey sandwich. I let her back in and tried to sleep but couldn't so I read and listened to the podcasts from my Laudate phone app.

I think I'll try a Sudoku now...

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