Friday, December 19, 2014

Racing Advent Thoughts...

End of the week, trying to close loans, pay bills, and buy presents. God is good and faithful and may His name be blessed forevermore! 1937 Scrooge with the Lockharts last night and my free Amazon Prime 30 day trial is letting me 'watch' A Christmas Story while I work.


 God is love. Sunny now in the afternoon but icy cars and roads this morning. God is all. Up at 4:30 this am and then to Kohl's for a quick shopping excursion with my sweetie this morning. Praise the LORD! Praying for children today, all children all over the world, that they might grow up in a safe and nurturing home to know and love God. Praise His Name. Praying for Francis and all the priests and bishops who shepherd the Church all over the world. Glory be the Father. Praying for Stan, Rita, Stanley, Charlotte, Kathy, Justin, Dana, Joey, Ryan, Emily, Stacy, Stosh (RIP), Carter, Terry, Jeanie, Tye, Sofie, Trent, Carolyn, Doug, Pam, Ken, Kenny, Kendal. Glory be to the Son. Praying for Kevin, Justen, Michael and his mom, and Kaley, Kristine, and Tori, Moni, Bob, Jon, Jay (RIP), Jen, Joslin, Liam, Denise, and Meridith. Glory be to the Holy Spirit. Praying for Mom and dad and Nancy, Ruben, Ray, Rick, Alex, Carlos, Bennie, and Belle, Gary, Susie, Joshie, Jeremy, Taylor, Ron, Jeana, Cas, Nina, Sofie, Mike and his family, Mike and Drake and his mom. God became Man. Praying for Jim and Donald and Paul and his brother and mom and dad and for the team and candidates of LVCCM #83 and the two guys i sat at table with last year and Tommy and Shelly, and Vic and AJ and Peggy and Ninny and John and Betsie and their kids. God knows our hearts. Praying for Kurt and Bob and Vic, Dave, and Dana and Gray and Wendy, Adam, the boys, Jerry, his wife and kids, Doreen, Bill, Arlene(RIP), gramma(RIP), grampa(RIP), grandma(RIP), grandpa(RIP), Sue (RIP), Jeff, Dawn, and their kids, Cathy, Jeff and their kids, Kim, Mario and their kids, Bill, Nancy, Nancy's mom and brother, Brad, Brenda, Blake, Brooke, Bilbo, Kelli, Doug, Maren and Marina, Steve, Francis, Charley and his wife, Mary Ellen. God is Father. Praying for Marty and Denada and Aaron and Anna, Roger, Sheri, Benjamin, Kevin, Hilda.
Praising the Father, the Son, and the Spirit!!

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