Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why I Like Chips So Much

Because they go so well with beer.

But seriously, I don't really know the reason.
I enjoy food of all sorts.
If I had to hierarchy the different food groups according to .... like, 'If I just got paid and hadn't eaten in two weeks, what would I first imbibe in?', here's my list

Any fast food 'combination' of big, sloppy sandwich; hot greasy potato fries, and a tall cold aspartame-laden 'diet' beverage. Top choice here would be White Castle
A pork tenderloin done on the grill just right, butterflied and rolled up with cream cheese and herbs inside, juicy and tasty yesss it isss precioussss
A big rare bar-burger (I have been cooking burgers on the grill my entire life, and still cannot mimic the absolute good-ness of your local establishment's half pound of sirloin served on a kaiser roll with a fat kosher dill pickle sitting in the juices on the plate)
Sixteen pounds of Kentucky Fried Chicken. You may keep your 'sides', just give me the original recipe and I'm all set
About half of a half gallon of Aldi's Caramel Caribou ice cream
Any trio of good cooked meat; a savory potato dish (mashed, scalloped, augrautin, fried, baked as long as there's butter and chives to accommodate, 'bundled' - like the Pioneer Woman does hers, or wedged and barbecued); and a vegetable (asparagus, green beans, corn, a salad, broccoli, cauliflower, few others...)
Chips right out the bag (only certain flavoured varieties this way: Lays Sour Cream and Cheddar [#1], any of the Stax or Pringles varieties (not a bag, really, but similar scenario)
Corn chips with guacamole
Corn chips with my wife's bean/salsa/sour cream/cheddar cheese dip
Corn chips with meat, vegetables and cheese piled high (some places call this 'nachos')
Kroger Private Selection Strawberry Cheese Cake ice cream (In the last 35 years, the only product that has prompted a letter from me to the manufacturer praising its quality, It must also be said that in a Kroger grocery full of 'half gallons' that sell for between $2.25 and $3.00, I never see this particular brand below $4.69)

Apologies to the food groups I've neglected like milk and fruit. With the recent acquisition of a blender, I now consume both regularly in a morning smoothie, augmented with Ruby Reds.

Peace and love!

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