Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, Monday

'I'm goin' to get a coffee', my bride proclaims, waking me to let me know she is adventuring out on her morning ritual. One gas station has the perfect blend of sugar, cocoa and whatever else goes into the powdered mix labeled 'French Vanilla Cappuccino'. She takes the portable coffee cup (it's not really a mug - it's not short and there's no handle) each time so as to only be charged a dollar, and I think she enjoys the daily visit with the nice ladies who man the cash registers.
After arriving back home, she feeds and waters the dog, feeds the cat (because he knows the correct manner in which to bother her in order to receive a timely meal) and usually does the dishes before I roll my fat ass out of our queen size antique bed with the springs coming through the mattress. She has her lunch packed, the laundry in the dryer, and is out the door before I can mumble 'gud moanin b'by' - and then she is down our little residential street quickly in the Grape with a clunk clunk off the curb.
I amble into the bathroom for a quick shave with my never-buy-this-again-no-matter-how-many-coupons-they-offer CVS Shave Gel (it's blue, and makes EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES blue also) and way-too-expensive Gillette Mach 3 blades.
I quick turn on the Sensationalist Journalism's Ten Time Winner Weather Channel to see if my suspicions about rain to-day are confirmed (you see, it's overcast, muggy, and starting to get breezy. I'm no dummy). They are, so I start closing windows, leaving the large fan blowing directly on the dog running loudly.
I quick check my Fantasy Baseball teams stats to see if I did indeed win week 9 and to see how much time I have before I have to finalise my roster. All Monday games usually start in the evening so I have all day.
My 2004 Ford Taurus took a little time making up its mind whether or not to start after sitting dormant all weekend. I hopped on northbound US 23 for about six miles and before I knew it - here I am!
Turn on lights, start coffee maker, turn on copier, turn on computer, grab cold water from fridge, check emails received over the weekend, respond to and file urgent messages, vow to return to not-so-urgent ones as time allows, check on the files we are hoping to close this week, text sweetie, pour my coffee, and settle in to the not-so-comfortable blue fabric covered office chair at my desk.
Here I will remain for the next nine or so hours, while processing, processing, processing.

Sola Deo Gloria

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