Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Muggy Wednesday

Overcast to-day and it seems it may either storm or clear of the two. The weather was perfect over the weekend - I was blessed to get some petunias in the ground and then spend some time with family on Saturday at the lake. Moni worked. Sunday was restful for me other than doing a nifty pot of pulled pork with slaw but Moni worked.

My fantasy teams both won which I think has only happened one other time in eleven weeks. I think next year I may try a league where you updated your lineup daily, just for kicks and giggles.
I can't believe they're already talking about the All Star Game - in the Twin Cities this year.

If the rain holds off I may grill tonight, the Tigers play in southside Chicago at 8:10 Eastern (or 7:10 Central, as it is listed at

Quick shopping list for after work: meat to grill, asparagus, spaghetti fixins, macaroni and cheese, pop.

Dear Father in heaven,

Thank You for this day. I praise You, You are worthy of praise!
I confess my sins to You - wrong things I have done and right things I have failed to do.
I am thankful for so much; as we discussed this morning...
I pray now for our loved ones, for Your church and all its leaders and laymen - for protection, guidance, and strength: For Francis and all the bishops and priests, for Stan and Rita and Stan and Charlotte and Joey and Justin and Dana and Stosh (have mercy on his soul) and Stacie and Carter and Ryan and Emma and Mary Ann, Dean, Court, Rusty, Mason, Drew, Jake, Quinn Evelyn, Meggie, Brett, and Kacie E. For Aunt Pam and Ken and Kendall and Kenny, Terrence David and Jeanie and Rindy and Tighe and Sofia and Trent and Kevin and Justin and Michaels mom and Michael and Kalie and Kristine and Tori and Carolyn and Doug and Moni and Bob and Jon and Jay (have mercy on his soul) and Jen and beautiful Joslin and Liam Jason; for Denise and Meredith and Mom and Dad and Nancy and Ruben and Ray and Rick, Benny and Belle, Carlos and Alexander the Great, for Gary and Suzie and Joshua and Jeremy and Taylor. For Ron and Jeanna, Cas, Sofia, and Nina, for Mike and his wife and kids, and for Mike, Drake, and Drake's mom, for Mr. and Mrs. Mijal, for the two guys I sat at table with on my last Via de Cristo weekend, for Paul and his brother and mom and dad, for Roger and Sheri and Benjamin, for Tom and Shelley, for John and Betsie, little John and his sister, for Vic, Ninny, AJ, and Peggy, for Scott and Cindy and their kids, for oompa-loompa next door, for all the Swarthouts in our sub, and for Aunt Doreen, Vic, Dayna, Gray, Wendy, Adam and the boys, Jerry and his wife and kids and Uncle Butch, for Uncle Bill and Aunt Nancy and Brad, Brenda, Blake, Brooke, Kelli, Doug, Maren and the son, for Aunt Sue (have mercy on her soul) and Uncle Skip and Uncle Elt and Jeff and Dawn and their kids and Cathy and Frank and Jeff and their kids and Kimmi and Mario and their kids and Uncle Steve and Aunt Fran and Charley and Mary Ellen.
Thank You, Lord, and we love You, too. Amen amen amen 

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