Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Day in the Life (protrusely unoriginal yes)

Woke up, rubbed my eyes, found my Adidas flips. Couldn't believe how bright it was already at 5...6...WHAT?!? 8 OCLOCK!! Shuffled to the bathroom for a quick shave; wet the hair, brushed the teeth and off to the bedroom. Shed the comfy sleep shorts (☹) and donned the fotl's, black jeans, deodorant, aftershave, LVCCM cross, white shirt, and high top Nike Force (red, black, and white yo).
Conversed briefly with my sweetie while steering my hair, applied the olfactory check on the quality of the four-day-old potato salad (smelled fine), put together two turkey and cheese mini-sandwiches for the drive to work, grabbed my insulin and was out the door.
Expressway way only takes about 11 minutes, enough time to thank God for the day, praise God for His goodness, recite a couple of rote prayers, and ask for His blessing on our friends and loved ones.
Parked in the usual spot (assuring me of the quickest possible walk to the office door - about three seconds), opened the office door, lumbered up the old creaky wooden steps, turned the light on, and set down my stuff.
Made a bee line to the coffee machine (wisely all set to go - i just have to press the button each morning), then back to my area
my area
to check on urgent requests. Took care of urgent requests, read my daily readings, turned the page on the flip calendar to June 26, and attended to the business of the morning: Kink's closing tomorrow, Shindler's closing to-day, uploading the Pole conditions, asking underwriters various questions about their ridiculous loan stipulations.
Blah blah blah, more of the same, ate some potato salad, drank tons of water and coffee, and tried to get some information on a refi for a nice elderly lady.

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