Friday, April 25, 2014


I chose Strutter as my team name only because Detroit Rock City had already been taken. I researched and participated in mock drafts to prepare myself for my first fantasy baseball season. I rejected trade offers for my stud outfielder McCutchen. In fact, my trio of Carlos Gomez, Cutch, and Ryan Braun are all in the top 14 in points for outfielders so far this young year.
The position players and starting pitchers (SP) and relief pitchers (RP) all can earn points whenever they're in a game. The weekly score is 270 - 168.5, with three days left in the week. That guy's 270 is the most I've seen this early in the week - I'm getting slaughtered, to coin the vernacular from my little league days.
Semien has been a bright spot since I picked him up at the beginning of the week. (That may be, in part, because the Sox just played four agains the Tigers...)
Obviously I should have had Martin Perez earning points for me and not on the bench but live and learn, as my gaffer used to say.

It's been a fun four plus weeks and look forward to 'owning' in the future.

Fantasy Team Strutter not faring too well in Week 4

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