Friday, November 23, 2012

Nobody shouts or talks too loud, not in my castle on a cloud

My wife and I are finally (after 17 years) at the place where we are able to spend these wonderful HolyDay celebrations with our respective families without each other and be good with it. Yestreday Thanksgiving 2012 was a most wonderful day.
I got to sing most of Les Mis with niceces and nephews Ramon, Carlos, Isabelle, Alexander, and sister Nancy. I got to eat tons of food with my family. AND, I got to play football in the yard with neices and nephews and brother Gary and sister Nancy. What a wonderful day it was!?!?!?! More desserts than one get-together should be allowed, endless LOTR and The Hobbit conversations, football, Les Mis, warm hugs, and warm food. God be praised!!

Christ, the Life of all the living
Christ, the Death of death, our foe
Who, Thyself for me once giving
To the darkest depths of woe - 
Through thy suff'rings, death, and merit
I eternal live inherit.
Thousand, thousand thanks shall be,
Dearest Jesus unto Thee.


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