Thursday, November 15, 2012

At the end of the day you're another day older...

My wife rings a bell for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign. She started yestreday, Wednesday the 14th of November, and she will ring six days a week until CHRISTmas eve.She picks up her bucket and gets her assignment at 9 in the am, then drives to her destination, and starts ringing, ... and doesn't stop ringing until the driver picks up her bucket at around 8 in the pm. Other than quick bathroom breaks, she rings and greets and wishes God's blessing upon the shoppers in Livingston County for over ten hours a day in whatever kind of weather (frightful or not!) She got home last night with a red face just like Mrs. Claus, hungry and tired. We shared a quick supper and she told me she was ready to lay down. I kissed her good night and within about a minute i could hear the peaceful-slumber-breathing (not snoring!) from the bedroom and I was left to finish watching The Maltese Falcon on TCM by myself.
I am quite proud of her. I know I couldn't do it.
This is her third year and she often rings at the Wal-Mart that we love to shop at. It's the busiest door in the county and she gets to ring there because, for two years straight, she's rang in the most dollars. The Salvation Army has a nice banquet after CHRISTmas for all the ringers and then gives out a nice prize. She's humbled by the big hearts of the people of Livingston County
I'm so proud of her...

CHRISTmas carols on Pandora

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