Tuesday, November 6, 2012

At work...

Parked in my favourite spot, unlocked door and came upstairs. Turned on the lights, made the coffee, turned on the copier and radio, unlocked dual screen Dell desktop. No email. Never seen that, not even a fax notification telling me i could get a cheap Bahama cruise.
Checked United pipeline: no lock status on Zilwaukee, no news from the underwriters on Hannah, no status changes on any loans at all. Checked IMCO pipeline: status update on Jarjar and Needle. Needles appraisal was yestreday so we should be hearing from the AMC soon. Met Mr. and Mrs. Jarjar yestreday also. Nice people to be sure. Wishing nothing but the best for them.
First phone call was from Drogo Zarubabbel, the Senior Underwriter from United. He told me that EVEN THOUGH we went through a costly and time-consuming credit rescore on the Harper loan, the case was still not approve/eligible because of the ratios. AE T-Roui recommended going to a 20 year loan as hes' seen AE-I ineligible go to approve/eligible by switching to 20 year. I presented this to the loan officer (may he live forever) and am waiting for his direction. Boss called and is involved in some sort of court drama or other and won't be in until late morning.
10:25 and i grabbed my first cup of coffee. started typing up some notes for the Boss also, 'cuz you're a good typer'. He's a nice guy - i like helping him during this stressful time in his life.

The next sequence of events is hard to summarize without the help of Steven Spielberg...
Loan officer (may he live forever) sends an email to me showing what he had just sent to his 'assistant' who is finding him loans regarding a client of theirs.

2:30 now, and the last four hours have been hectic....let's see...the loan officer (may he live forever) showed up in the office to sign some documents which had not arrived yet so his visit was in vain. Subsequently, we began discussing the Harper deal and the car allowance that is figured into his six-figure salary but which had not specifically been counted as income. So I collected appropriate documentation and provided it to the underwriter (as well as our loan officer ((may he live forever)), the Boss, and the AE), and I am eagerly awaiting a positive reply. Spent almost an hour trying to get an approve/eligible in FNMA's Desktop Originator for the Harper deal going with 20 years in stead of 30. But this would require a Change of Circumstance with United and all the associated

Typed some more for the Boss, checked on our facsimile server which is not apparently working to-day... and we can send faxes (we never need to do that, we scan and email everything) but not receive them...Submitted a bunch of stuff yestreday on the JarJar loan and the bank is acting like they never got anything...the lock on Zilwaukee is confirmed but we forgot to request the escrow waiver...called the AE on that one and left a message...
Checked IMCO pipeline again and nothing i am going to do with those to-day. I'm going to check into licensing with NMLS...

Got a list of conditions from the Lender for the Chumley deal so I am all over this before quitting time!!!

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow!

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