Monday, July 16, 2012

THIS is the day the LORD has made!!!

8:49 am ~ 74 degrees with 69% humidity. Wifey just left for work; vet's coming to look at the dog this morning...Since I drink coffee every day during the school year, I boycott it in the summer, but sometimes I could really use the pick-me-up it provides...Doing up some french toast with a mix I learned from the fine folks at the Feed Bag Cafe in Fowlerville, MI...
8:58 and 76 the keys are slathered in Mrs. Butterworth's Sugar Free Thick-n-Rich Syrup. There is a front coming, the well-dressed Weather Center lady tells me, but it won't be our way for a couple of days.( Move, cold air molecules, move!! Get down here!!)
9:15 and 78 degrees (68 degree dew point) and 71% humidity. Our Tigers gave JV all the run support he needed yestreday and beat the O's to take another road series. They are home for a while now.
12:09 pm and 87 degrees but the humidity has decreased a bit and the vet is gone and Sierra has been diagnosed and pills have been prescribed.
1:16 and 91 degrees but the humidity is down to 36% (how does that drop so fast?) and I've decided the more I listen to the Young Messiah or even the New Young Messiah, the more I need the 17th Century Old Messiah.
2:26 and 93 degrees in the 48353. Was having trouble finding the full concert on Youtube of Handel's Messiah performed by the ACADEMY OF ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS directed by Sir Neville Marriner. DublĂ­n, 1992. Listening to bits and pieces is not satisfactory so I bought the cd for five bucks. smiley
3:24 and 94 with some clouds and a NNW breeze, thankfully. Kiss Dynasty was what caused us to call it 'disco dynasty' in the early 80's.
5:11, 94 degrees, a bit a cloud cover, and Pink Floyd's The Wall is one of my all-time favourite albums.
6:23, 92, and I will light the charcoal.

Around here in the summer, there are three segments of time: before the game, Tigers are on, and after the game.

God bless us, everyone.

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