Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recipe #24601

Hi Folks! Yestreday, I used a rubber mallet to beat down a chuckeye steak and grilled it...wifey loved it so life is good!
I stopped at Meijer with twenty bucks for dinner and here's how it all went down: broccoli bunch for 1.78, huge russet potatoes two for a buck, two-tone corn 8 for two dollars ( i only got two ears), Kingsford briquets for 6 bucks, and a good sized chuckeye steak from the nice meat folks at Meijer. US$20.35 and I was on my way home drooling.
Corn shucked on boiled for about 10 minutes, broccoli steamed.
Potatoes sliced a bit with butter and garlic wrapped in foil then on the grill.
The steak I butterflied (butchered, actually), then pounded it for a couple minutes, then smeared on a paste made from about 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano, garlic and rosemary chopped fine. Add provolone cheese slices, a pinch of sea salt and a couple cranks of black pepper and roll it up into a big log. Tie it well.
Sear for a couple minutes on all four sides then cook indirectly for 30 minutes or so. Check for done-ness with a thermo-meter (140 inside for rare, ...) Rest it for 10 minutes and cut off the butcher string. Slice and distribute with taters, broccoli, corn, and some shred cheese or cream cheese with chive and garlic on top of everything.
I used cheap provolone this time due to my budget but I've used Boar's Head in the past and that tasted much better.
Really, you could add anything to the meat before you roll it: onions, peppers, mushrooms!, ...
And as I remember the original recipe I saw on the Food Network, they used a flank steak.

God bless us, everyone.


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