Friday, July 20, 2012

A recipe and a prayer...

Potato Salad this afternoon will contain:
about 8 medium potatos, diced and boiled with a clove of garlic and pinch of salt about 20 minutes
about a cup of Kroger Classic Whip Whipped Dressing.
a big tablespoon of Meijer Dijon mustard
several cranks of ground black pepper
a little bit of leftover green pepper diced
one Mt.Olive dill pickle diced
some leftover red onion diced
fresh chives from the garden chopped small
about a quarter cup of Mt. Olive pickle juice
turkey bacon fried and diced up (excellent source of flavor)
Mix it all up and cover with Meijer Clear Plastic Food Wrap (handles like a dream) and throw it in the fridge.

Father in Heaven, thank You for our family, for the love and faith we share, and for so many daily blessings. Thank you for our jobs, homes, vehicles, for the times of action, and for the times of rest. Thank you for the recent success of our Tigers and please bless their efforts in this weekend series against the damnable white sox; may all the glory be Yours! Amen

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