Friday, April 27, 2012

Is there another tiger pitcher who can get a win?!?

JV dealing tonight; tigers were up early , lost the lead, and retook it. here in the 6th the yankees are still trying to win...they've hit a ton of balls deep but still trail 6-4.
ooops there goes gravity...thank you delmon young for not playing to-day: don kelly runs in on a line drive when he should've gone back and suddenly the lead is just one.
Dotell and, now the crafty lefthander: Phillip Douglas Coke. And he 'gotem on strikes'!
But Benoit gives up the tying run so JV can't get the win now thank you very much. Martin, Jeter, Grandy for the Bombers in the bottom of the ninth all knotted up at 6...a wild pitch...a passed ball. ... bums

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