Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, end of April

I think all that warm weather we got last month got us all real antsy for summer. This current spell of highs in the mid fortys and frosty mornings seems to be lasting forever.
To-day we sat in meetings all day and I don't think I was built for sitting in meetings. I need to move around. SO, i excused myself often and for lengthy periods; just like my kids do. I visited friends in other classrooms, just like my kids do. And I stood out in the hallway and talked, just like my kids do. I yawned and looked at the clock (which sometimes seemed to be broken) and worked on my sudoku (level '4', a real bitch) while we were supposed to be discussing things of import and relevance for the future of education in Michigan. And I tried not to get caught doing any of this.

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