Thursday, December 15, 2011


My most recent Google query was 'things to do when you're a sub and the class is on task' and boy, did I get alot of suggestions.
I ignored them and just wandered out in the hall, schmoozing with the cool high schoolers that were out of class for one reason or another (not at all like the un-cool middle schoolers I was connected with during this fifty minutes.
Kids give me pizza all the time.They know I love it, and they know their fractions because of pizza-examples: If I have my pizza cut into four slices and I share none of it, how many fourths does Skyler get?
Also, we have a gas station right down the road from school that sells pretty darn good slices...wrapped in tin foil no less. My favourite slices are always wrapped in foil. Why, I remember Toaraminos in Detroit with the hugest round pizza slices I've ever seen...and were they ever good?!?

Miss you, flower.

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