Monday, May 11, 2009

Glory to God!!!

Blessed Monday Morning to all!!!
In the absence of a good memory, I turned to my Google search engine for assistance and wahlah!!! found the words I had only partially remembered.

Thank you for giving me this morning.
Thank you for ev’ry day that’s new.
Thank you that I can know my worries
can be cast on you.

Thank you for all my friends and brothers.
Thank you for all the men that live.
Thank you for even greatest enemies
I can forgive.

Thank you, I have my occupation.
Thank you for ev'ry pleasure small.
Thank you for music, light and gladness.
Thank you for them all.

Thank you for many little sorrows.
Thank you for ev'ry kindly word.
Thank you for ev'rywhere your guidance
reaches ev'ry land.

Thank you, I see your Word has meaning.
Thank you, I know your Spirit here.
Thank you because you love all people,
those both far and near.

Thank you, O Lord, you spoke unto us.
Thank you that for our words you care.
Thank you, O Lord, you came among us,
bread and wine to share.

Thank you, O Lord, your love is boundless.
Thank you that I am full of you.
Thank you, you made me feel so glad and
thankful as I do.

We sang that song in 3rd grade at THE Greenfield Peace Lutheran School on Outer Drive and Greenfield while Mr. Schultz played it on the piano. He would change keys every other verse or so (modulating up a half step each time - LOVED that part!); I've been singing it my whole life...most recently while walking through the potato fields of Montcalm County.

Got to see Mom and Mom over the weekend as well as various and sundry other relations ("I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." ... Bilbo Baggins, at his 111th birthday party) and spent a great weekend with my girlfriend, who is healing well.

Debbie gone from Tocantis and who will go next? Ever-faithful and true Coach? Ever-prissy Erin? Ever-loved and frequently-exiled Taj? Ever-red and mostly-necked J.T.? Ever-urban and often-bespeckalled Stephan? Haven't been able to watch the Ponderosa clips on CBS' web...I think I would like it there...

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