Monday, May 18, 2009

Flower Day!!!

My girlfriend and I both had a wonderful weekend down at Eastern Market together peddling perennials, ... in fact we were powerful perennial peddlers...pondering pizza and plans for prosperity :-)

It was Flower Weekend and, in particular, Flower Day on Sunday, attracting over 130 billion people to downtown Detroit. It was more fun than I deserve to have in a lifetime let alone a weekend but i just soaked it in and appreciated the sleep at the end of the day. We left home at 3 am and got down there to set up at 4 and honestly there are people walkin around looking for bargains not long after that. Fun fun fun and what a learning experience for me. I was the brawn and she, the brains AND the customer service ~ great with customers and potential customers, she knew (or knew how to find out) the answers to many questions. Dialogue with me, however, was much more calculated:

How much would these be?
Five each
Do they like shade?
Where do you live?
We live in the country with lots of trees.
These love the shade. is good.

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