Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Memories

Already thursday wowsers and i just got back into town last night...what a weekend...longest of my life ever. Ever...

Friday drove down to see my girlfriend. We hung out Friday night, she worked on Saturday and I cut the grass, then I left Sunday to meet my brother in Chicago. Great 4 hour ride there, gorgeous day, got there a little early and went and saw the Big Lake (the one I get to see most days from the other side), and perused the hotel. Brother and I hung out (you walk everywhere there, your vehicle is valet-parked for fifty smackeroos a night) and watched the Red Wings demolish the 'Hawks on Sunday, then some basketball, sauna, whirlpool, and pool.
Slept great, had a cupajoe in the morning, bid my brother a fondieu, and got on the road. Funny thing was, the rpm's were going hi to low and i wasn't gettin the right amount of power for the revvin up that engine was doin. Finally pulled over to check fluids just across the Michigan state line (felt safer, maybe, getting into the Great Lakes State) and there was no transmission fluid in the pan, lots under it. Drove into town (New Buffalow, MI) praying and looking for someone with the tools and skills who could help me. Got a number from some of the locals and called Roger. He had a flatbed to get me to his garage but couldn't look at it until Tuesday am.
He dropped me off at the Best Western and I shook his hand. Next day he told me it'd be like 25oo and i said wowsers (actually, i swore something aweful) and i tried to find a ride home.

No luck, no dice, just mom and dad offering cash in my account so i could rent a car. That didn't work so they volunteered to drop me off one of their vehicles for a bit. They're nice.

So now i have mom's dodge minivan but i left my keys in the truck in new buffalo. oh well, life is good.

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