Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thumpin' Thursday

So i'm on my way home from work and stop at the local gas station for the necessary necessities of the afternoon. As i'm pumping my gas, a smartly dressed woman approaches me and begins our conversation with "Excuse me, sir..." She DID NOT have documents in her hand of a literaturative nature so my fears of having to continue my Wednesday evenings with more Jehovah's Witnesses were not long-lived. She wanted my opinion about a proposed state increase on fuel tax and she wanted it on camera. I politely agreed to both and we began our brief interview. When we were done, the camera guy Josh asked if i would pump some more gas so he could film me doing that. Well, he did, and most of my kids have greeted me this morning with variations on "saw ya pumpin gas on the news last night" .
Gotta love the small town thing. My superintendent even critiqued my aired responses (which, by the way, totalled about 12 words out of the entire 20 minute conversation) and the maintenance guy wanted my autograph. Ah, fame.

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