Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some days the quittin bell cant ring fast enough

I've noticed that my day goes by quite slowy when i have things that i really look forward to in the evening.
Like, for instance, driving to see my girlfriend on a Friday, or Michigan State basketball during the week, things like that. Take tonight as another example. CBS is airing the fourth episode of the 18th season of Survivor at 8:00 in the pm and i cannot wait. I'm kind of in giddy mode here at the end of my work day with the anticipation.

strictly f.y.i. here: this weblog will not be turnt into a 'survivor' discussion board for all you people with no lives and alot of time on your hands!...this will not happen!... but did you see the look on Candace's face every time Jeff read her name at tribal council? She was like 'omg watever' every time...absolutely loved it!!!! Also like the whole
ny jew/alabama bumpkin / nfl wife / redneck busdriver contrast being set up so far...

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