Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On a Tear
Photo by USATSICharlie Blackmon and Whitmore Funk make it six in a row against Beats by JAYS
Beats by JAYS (5 - 10) showed off the form that earned them the worst record in the league going into this period. They could not make it much of a game, losing to Whitmore Funk (13 - 2) 440.5 to 348.5. Beats by JAYS have now failed to top their projections in any of the past four weeks.
The game leaves both these teams streaking in opposite directions. Whitmore Funk is raking the field with their competition, winning their 6th in a row. The defeat puts Beats by JAYS on a three game losing streak.
Charlie Blackmon has been the key player throughout Whitmore Funk's winning streak, and came through again this period. Blackmon joined up with Jose Quintana and Anthony Rendon to produce 166 points. Blackmon scored 61.5 points, which were the most that any center fielder has collected this season. It's another fine effort from Blackmon, who is currently the best center fielder in the league.
Although Coach David B. got the win, he cannot have been happy with Tyler Chatwood's performance this period. Chatwood failed to show up, scoring -12 points. Coach David B. found out why he was available on the waiver wire this period.
Meanwhile, Jon Gray stuck out as the worst performer for Beats by JAYS, scoring -3 points. That's the fewest points that he's scored so far this year. Adding to their problems, Beats by JAYS's left fielder, Corey Dickerson, was the worst at his position this period.
Coach Matthew's lineup decisions earned their team points last period, and did again this period. They went with Ian Kennedy over the higher ranked J.A. Happ.
This decision boosted Beats by JAYS's final score by 15.5 points. It also gave Coach Matthew their 2nd perfect lineup, which is more than any other coach.
Although Beats by JAYS lost this game, on the bright side, Whitmore Funk was the hardest test they will face for a while. Their next three games are against sub .500 teams, starting with Scherzer's Brown Eye next period. That contest will be a rematch from period nine, when Beats by JAYS lost 315 to 286.5.
Meanwhile, Whitmore Funk will collide with Damon horns next period. The game will be a clash of the titans, as those are the two top teams in the league.

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