Sunday, July 2, 2017

2nd of July

Praising God this day for the beautiful sunshine and the continued cool breeze coming in our west kitchen window!

I harvested some herbs this morning and have them tucked away in the closet in their individual brown paper bags. By football time (1 Sept 6:30 for EMU; 2 Sept: noon for SVSU and MSU, 3:30 for U-M, 5:15 for WMU; 31 Aug: 7 pm for GVSU ; 9 Sept 7 pm for NMU; 11 Sept noon for FSU.

Michigan starts with Florida, Cincinnati, and The Air Force Falcons at home, then open B1G play at Purdue before their buy. Then MSU, at IU and PSU, Rutgers, Minnesota at home, at Maryland and Wisconsin, then home for the finale against OSU. So Michigan plays all the East teams plus Wisconsin and Minnesota.

MSU hosts Bowling Green and WMU before the Buy, then Notre Dame and Iowa then to Ann Arbor and Minneapolis. IU, at Evanston, PSU, at Columbus, Maryland, at Rutgers. So State plays all the East teams plus Northwestern and Minnesota.

Ohio State, now, opens up on 31 August at Memorial Stadium In Bloomington. They host Oklahoma, the Army Black Knights, and the UNLV (Runnin') Rebels, go to Rutgers, host Maryland, then go to Nebraska before the Buy. They finish with PSU, at Iowa, MUS, Illinois, and at Michigan.


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