Saturday, July 1, 2017

Muggy this morning but the fans and the breeze are working together well. Thankful for another gorgeous day in Paradise!

The pumpkins are beginning to flower already - these are the male flowers I have read, and are necessary for pollinating the females - which produce the fruit. The tomatoes all look good, as do the peppers, carrots, and cucumbers.
All our herbs are looking better than I could have imagined on the first of July. The fennel has fallen over with its own weight, the dill is starting to seed, and the Italian flat-leaf parsley is dark green and read to flavor our Alfredo.

I made some sausage/turkey spaghetti a couple days ago with dried oregano and basil from last years harvest. My first pickles of the season (bought the mini-cukes at Meijer) are way too salty, and I don't like using the dill fronds instead of seed. The crunch is good and the garlic/red pepper tang is a mini-fiesta in my mouth, but too salty. I've definitely done worse, but I want to perfect the recipe this year so I can distribute the product as gifts to family and friends.

My MLB fantasy team is 10-2 but losing by 50 going into the last two days of Week 13 (Go Sox, go Tribe!). My opponent week 14 has made about five or six drops and adds every day getting ready for next week. She has 12 pitchers going (most weeks most teams have between 5 and 8); so I shored up my lineup with a couple more 2-start pitchers (leaving Kenley Jansen in though - he's too good) so I've got 10 matching her 12. And may the best man win.

In the absence of six thousand satellite channels to choose from, I have been gleaning my national and local news from MLive, WeatherBug, and Twitter. ... :-/ (and also I have been watching Uncle Buck and Home Alone on videotape every night). I am disgusted when I see video of these Muslin fucks beating up random citizens on the streets. Actually, it angers me. I have to pray for a change of heart, because I would have God do things He doesn't normally do, as He is Love.

Forgive me, LORD.

Why does bourbon bubble up when I add soda?

Our Tigers have gone up 7-4 in the 7th.

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