Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ode to Zachary Smith

I began writing this in 1989 or so, and it is still a work in progress.

The narrator's voice so familiar to me
Tells of John, Maureen, Don, Will, Penny, Ju-dy
Whose ship, which was bound for Alpha Centaur-i
Was sabotaged by our good friend, Zachary

From suspended animation the Robinsons woke to find
The Jupiter II having a terrible time
Pounded by meteors, being tossed like a toy
And the Robot's only words were 'DESTROY'.

John finally stabilized the Jupiter II
The Robot's power pack was removed
But we all wanted to slap Zachary's face
Because the Jupiter was now Lost in Space


Oh Zachary Smith, Zachary Smith,
The stowaway from hell...
A nightmare for the Robinsons 
We remember you well.

The Robinsons traveled throughout the stars
But they never got home, they never found Mars
Many adventures were theirs to be had
Some were quite scary, and some were quite sad:

 John wrestled Gromak, the Robot got large;
The Jupiter landed upon a fuel barge.

In an early adventure, we heard the Bubble Creatures hiss
So Zachary fired, and said: 'They'll read this!'

They met the Chicken Monster, the man who was gold,
They visited a planet where no one was old;
Will kissed the princess, and doomed the whole world,
But he played his guitar, and ...

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