Monday, December 19, 2016

MSE Day 22 - and also - Our Weekend Adventure with the Grape

About midweek last week, the vehicle I drive to work and back - and occasionally to metro Detroit for family visits - told me she'd had enough of this cold nonsense and would not start. I tried to get a jump several times but no luck. There was very little gas in her as it was payday and this might have contributed to the problem. Saturday was supposed to be the big warm-up (near 30 de3grees!) and so we let the jumper cables sit on her a good hour with no luck. I added HEET, a quart of synthetic Valvoline, and 1.6 gallons of gas but still she would not start.
I finally waddled over to O'Reilly's with the battery for a test and sure enough, it was dead. A buck oh seven later and I waddled back to the Grape and slapped in the new and improved ONE YEAR WARRANTY battery and wouldncha know she still wouldn't start. I was beginning to feel confident that it just needed to warm up a bit so we waited as the temperature  went up: 25, 26, 27, 28... It finally started (after about two hours total working on this) but when I parked her last week the exhaust pipe was right in the plowed snowbank and so immediately I was engulfed in exhaust fumes inside the Grape. I pulled her forward a little bit, opened the windows, and thanked God for our good fortune.
I made a quick feel-good stop at my second favorite Kroger for sixteen pounds of lunch meat and cheese, and then headed home. I shoveled a path on the lawn to get the vehicle back to the deck and was able to stack our firewood without carrying it all that way from the parking pad.
I shoveled off the rest of the snow, fed the birds, covered the firewood with the tarp, and thought about making some cookies or something.

The Star Wars sextet was running on TBS or TNT (who have both agreed to the exclusive rights), Frozen was on Freeform, and the Bourne triology on BBC America, so I forced myself into some comfortable clothes, made a fire, and settled in with the remote and a bigass sandwich.

Thank You, Father, for allowing us to get the Grape home; thank You for your protection and providence. We praise You and we adore You - Hallelujah to the LORD!


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