Saturday, July 30, 2016

pikel resipee

top secret so shhhhh....
for the brine:
2 c water
2 c white vinegar
~1.5 tbs coarse kosher salt
for each jar:
cucumbers to be sliced any which way you can
2 cloves garlic
1 dill frond
small dash of course ground black pepper
very small dash of ground coriander 
very small dash of red pepper flakes
1 Allspice berry

First cut up the cucs and make sure you have enough brine to cover the jars to the top. Fill the jars with the garlick and dill and seasonings; then cram the cut cucumbers in.

The brine then gets boiled. This gets heated in the microwave, due to the fact that you get oxidation - and the resulting cloudiness in your brine - if you cook in a metal pot. When hot, pour over the cucumbers and fill the jars, then screw on the lids.

Let them cool just until you can put them into the fridge and let them rest for three days in the back of the fridge at the bottom so you don't always see them and say 'dam i want to try one'.

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