Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Another gorgeous day here in southeast Lower Michigan. Friday began the recent warm spell with an absolutely perfect spring day. Yestreday started sunny and then it looked like it might rain all afternoon but naught more than a few drips came our way. It was a bit cooler but I still got alot done outside. Why, I was sitting down enjoying the beauty of the bumblebees while wrapping the.065 inch blue chord around the spool for our Black and Decker 3.5 Amp 12 inch 2-in-1 Trimmer/Edger, and thanking God for the durability and long life of this tool. We bought it the year we moved here in 2011 and have used it regularly (all three of my power chords together will allow me access to all spots needing the weed whip); we've loaned it out to neighbors and family and the amazing thing to me is that the spool still feeds via a bump! on the ground. As I was just getting into a rhythm (my first whip of the year I confess), I noticed the rpms were slowing down - it wasn't whipping as fast as it had been - the tone was lower, and lower, and lower... then I smelt that tell-tale smell of bunt engine. It died.
I coiled up my three power cords and tried to come up with something else I could do to postpone cutting grass. Nothing really came to mind, so I got out the mower, still thankful, but wondering how much a new weed whip was going to cost, and thankful again (huff, puff) that our lawn was not larger than it is. 
I took a nap during the Tiger loss, and then rooted for the Astros and their Cy Young pitcher, who I have on my fantasy roster. He pitched well, but was in line for the loss until Luis Valbuena hit a shot into the right field seats to tie the score in the ninth.
This morning I was awokened early by my beautiful bride and then left to go see mom for a bit. After an epic (sorry) visit, I was just in time for 10:00 Mass at St Damian in Westland, God be praised!

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