Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fresh Walleye

Thanking God this evening for my boss who shared some of his fish with me tonight - he even let me bring it home on ice in his Igloo cooler.

I have read that you need a ton of flavor on this species, as they are overly bland as fish go. I could not disagree more. Not wanting to freeze any of this double bagged goodness, I cooked up the two biggest fillets and shared with my neighbor, Uncle Jim, and his family across the street.
I used a simple sauce recipe and threw these right on the grill over the coals for an easy and delicious Monday night dinner.

For the sauce, I combined these in a glass bowl using a whisker:
1/2 cup butter melted
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
pinch of salt and pepper

generous dashes of our favorite herbs from last year's garden: Pineapple sage, Lemon thyme, Italian flat-leaf parsley, rosemary and oregano.

I let the coals get halfway gray and spread them out under the grate, then let the grate get hot with the lid closed. The grill temp was 300 when I got started.

I sprayed the grate with Canola oil, and threw the first two huge fillets on and brushed each with the sauce concoction. It gave me a bit of a flareup as the oil is flammable, but I had our garden hose ready at hand.

Probably ten minutes (these were almost an inch thick!) on the first side - most of the meat was white by then and i flipped each and doused the other side with the sauce. The second side only needed about five minutes - I'm not a fish expert and they might have been overdone - but as soon as they were done I threw the smaller two fillets on and followed the same protocol.

By the time I flipped the second pair, the grill temp had gone down to about 200. When they were flaking apart, I brought them in.

And devoured them.

No sides.

No appetizer.

To quote the most benign and absolute worst commentator of all time @Mario_Impemba, this fish was 'really good'.

Yep, mighty thankful.

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