Monday, May 2, 2016

Drippy rainy and cold these last few days. Woke up this morning with a significant headache (not an annoyance, inconvenience, dilemma, or bother -  my head was actually pounding!); thanking God for my 800 milligrams of generic Advil.
Been busy at work. I am finding enough work to fill my eight hour daily shift.
Our Tigers have been hot (and will sure as my name is David, after their night off tonight, accordingly slump back into mediocrity due to my mention here.
Monica has the day off and is resting after a hectic six days straight at work followed by two straight helping her parents downriver.
I found a box of compact discs that had been shoved in a drawer and I am playing them in order to-day at work. I found  one that just said 'mix' in my prominently slanted printing and shoved it in the disc drawer on my HP p-7-1234 tower. Windows explorer tells me it's from March 25, 2008; the music is timeless and eclectic and, other than a few I may not currently want to hear, the songs are favorites:
Sting, Five Iron Frenzy, Indigo Girls, MxPx, Bare Naked Ladies, The Specials, Ghoti Hook, Gang of Four, Fun Boy Three, Clapton, The Beat, Dixie Chicks, The Police, The Dead Milkmen, The Dead Kennedy's, music from the Master and Commander soundtrack, (and at this point, if I were to add an 'etc.', I don't think that would convey much meaning, but there are a few others).

I don't remember things as well as I once used to.

I watched the first Narnia movie and Frozen over the weekend. The Silver Chair has been in production for several millennia it seems.
I played a little Zelda: Ocarina of Time over the weekend.
I cooked some mean-ass enchiladas on Friday, and did us a slow-cook roast yestreday.

Ron shared some of his pizza and fajitas with me to-day.

I am listening to my Caribbean disc now.

I am almost done for the day, God be praised!

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