Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why is it Super Bowl 50 and not Super Bowl L?

I don't know, I'm really asking...

On the menu to-day: brats and burgers and chips and dip and potato salad and chicken chef's salad. Firing up the grill at about 4:00.

Pre-noon Super Bowl trivia question: What do Trent Dilfer, Steve young, and Kurt Warner all have in common?

ESPN 2 is showing 'The 85 Bears' 30 For 30 -  a pretty good two hours; I remember that year well.
I remember the 86 Super Bowl party I was at - I won three of the four quarter squares that year. :-)

Started the chicken stock for the chicken kale soup, working on my 2015 herbs right now...

From last year's garden: parsley, sage (garden and pineapple), rosemary, and thyme
For the stock, I boiled four thighs, bay leaves, salt, pepper, dried garden herbs, a chopped up carrot, a chopped up onion, a chopped up celery, and a couple of chicken bullion cubes for about two hours. I removed the chicken to cool and poured everything else through the fine mesh strainer.

I removed the bones and cartilage and skin, then added the chicken to the stock. At that time, I also added chopped up kale, onion, and celery, and shredded carrots. I let this go for one hour more and had two bowls right before the big game. Delish.

16:50 The grill is ready, the meat is seasoned, and I am ready to start the fire.

17:33 The chicken is on the top rack, adding the bratwurst right now

17:46 It's hard to grill when it's cold...

18:11 They just introduced Steve Young, the dogs are in the kitchen, the chicken and brats are on the top rack again, and the burgers are going on.. They just introduced John Elway.

... no blog this year either...

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