Saturday, February 27, 2016

Recipe Number Aught Aught: Best Chili Ever

No, really; we both agreed last night this had to be the best batch I've ever made - glory to God! Forgoing all the normal spices and herbs, I used one can of Brooks Mild Chili Beans to provide the 'chili' flavor - along with one of the last jalapenos from the 2015 summer crop.

Here's what and how:

From the meat drawer:
About a pound and a quarter of ground chuck
4 center cut boneless pork chops

From the pantry, one can each of:
Brooks Mild Chili Beans 15.5oz - EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBER
Kroger Black Beans
Kroger Diced Tomatoes
Kroger Stewed Tomatoes
Psst Kroger Tomato Sauce (smaller can, maybe 4 oz)
Psst Kroger Mushrooms Pieces and Stems

From the vegetable drawer:
One onion diced
One sweet orange pepper diced
One beautiful dark green jalapeno pepper diced

From the refrigerator door:
12 oz of ice cold Miller Lite 
Big squirt of ketchup
Medium squirt of Dijon mustard
Several dashes of Worcestershire sauce

I browned the ground meat in my favourite Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection 7 quart Stockpot. Separately I fried the pork chops, seasoned with Kroger Grill Time Hamburger Seasoning, in olive oil and then diced them into tiny chunks. (At this point it must be made perfectly clear that the entire package of four chops did NOT make it into the chili pot.)

I added everything to the pot and brought it to a boil for about 20 minutes. Then turned it down to simmer for about an hour with the lid on but ajar.

The different size tomatoes added to the texture, the lack of alot of spice and herbs gave it a simplicity that allowed the flavors of the meat and vegetables to really come through.
And I did top my second and third bowls with a pinch of Kroger Queso Quesadilla Natural Shredded Cheese ('knock it off, Napoleon, make yourself a dang quesa-dilluh!')
Ummmm-mmm good!

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