Saturday, October 17, 2015


'It was such an ugly game', my wife summarized.

But the final play was the sweetest I can remember, perhaps even above the Tigers' game 5 win in the 1984 World Series.

The game was played in Ann Arrogant Stadium, with over 110,000 screaming Michigan fans wearing blue mufflers and waving maize feather dusters. The refs it seemed were Ann Arrogant residents, and the Spartans didn't seem to want this game as bad as we did. Special teams were absolutely outplayed by Michigan and we only had 58 rushing yards!

Connor Cook and the Spartans were down by 2 points with about two minutes left, and the drive stalled on an incomplete 4th and 19. But after a punt, and with the MSU defense holding Michigan to just eight yards on their final drive, U-M lined up to punt with ten seconds left.

The snap was a little wide, and the kicker muffed it. The Spartans, bringing all eleven men on a rush, got the ball, and Jalen Watts-Jackson ran the ball into the end zone, ending up with a broken hip for his trouble.

God answered my trivial prayer tonight, all Glory to Him.

MSU beats U-M in Ann Arrogant 27-23
Go Green!

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