Friday, August 1, 2014

Beautiful Friday!

Another glorious morning in southeastern lower Michigan. Rent being due, I stopped and dropped off our envelop designated as such. Had time for a quick CVS stop (no, I don't need help finding anything) for morning biscuits and later lunchtime sandwich buns.

Prayer vigil for LVCCM Men's #82 began last night and there are still slots to commit to if you will: 

I recently talked to three brothers in the Lord whom I have not talked to in years and thank God for their friendship: Kurt - we've laughed, cried, and sung loudly together; Ervin was Rector on the weekend I gave the Apostolic Action talk - my first rollo; Bob - high school religion teacher (back when religion meant little to me) and then cursillista one time I was on team, now a spiritual director for the Lutheran Via de Cristo of Central Michigan and serving on team for the Women's #82 later in August (  for prayer sign-up).

Homeowner's insurance, life insurance, ceramic tile, getting out of out trailer and into a stick home, vehicle issues, fantasy baseball slumps, .... I give it all to You, LORD; guide and direct me, that my decisions are based on Your wisdom and bring you honor and glory!

Blessed be God forever!

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