Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sunny Wednesday

'How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity'

Those words are from one of the Psalms and probably from the NIV translation I memorized much of as a protestor so many years ago, but BOY OH BOY are those words right on?!?!

Even if if doesn't seem good and pleasing at the time, wait until there is strife and division and enmity - these are not pleasant!

I have a real fear of discord, of conflict. I don't like to say things to people that I know they may find offensive or, worse yet, they may argue. I hate arguments.

But I sure do love unity.

I just don't know how to work at it or strive for it.

Actually, I think sometimes I should just go live on a mountain (a small mountain) and fast and talk to God in order to become a better person. But how would being away from people help me communicate better with people?!? In addition, I would miss watching movies and keeping track of my fantasy baseball.

So I continue in my on-the-job training, failing often.


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